What Motivates Us


We want to be a part of the success your website brings to your business and by doing so, BluePanda succeed as well. Our mission is to provide exceptional, transparent service that promotes the growth and flexibility of your business while removing the stress and responsibility of having a website


BluePanda strives to become a premier web development company that provides unparalleled communication and cooperation with clients and organizations. We see ourselves as a solution to your social media needs, your web-based analytics, and your dedicated support team when it comes to your website and database.


Our business model focuses on scalability - we offer web apps that have set prices and provide additional features that can be bought separately and when you need them. We provide minimal packages that allow for additions when it is necessary for your business to do so.

Meet Our Team

We got the best in different industries to help build everything that you could possibly need

Brent Shishido

Back End Developer

Full time medical student, founder of BluePanda Web Development, LLC. Implements database connection and builds Rest APIs for clients.

Adrian Reyes

Front End Angular Developer

Developed a strong professional background in web development, finances, with major experience in project & team management.

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