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Monthly Fees that provide you with the consistent maintenance without the large fees

Monthly Essentials

Per Month
In order to run your site
3 hour monthly Maintenance
Backups and Encryption
Business Email
Analytics upon Request
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SEO Included

Per Month
Includes Monthly Essentials
8 Additional Development Hours
SEO Statistics and Growth Plan
Local and Organic search
Up to 3 Social Media Platforms
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Full Stack

Per Month
Includes Everything
Consults on Website Growth
Zero-Cost Development
Content and Printing Access
Marketing Analytics
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Can I sign up for annual payments?

Yes you can! You are able to pay annually and may opt in to be re-billed, if you choose to change your plan within the year.

Why is the benefits of maintenance?

Imagine this: You get up in the morning to find out something on your site is not the way it should be - this could range from a simple photo alignment to something drastic like failure of payments from your clients.

Since you have maintenance with BluePanda, you simply text/call/email us and we remedy the problem by the time you have your teeth brushed and are out of the door. Our goal is simple - to make sure you have no worries about your website.

What coding languages are most requested?

When we code for your website, we choose platforms that are best for you and your company. That being said, we pride our development on the MEAN stack of development - this is a Javascript-based coding stack that is used to generate dynamic content that is found on sites like Google and Facebook. We develop a backend for you that is fool-proof and allows you to make edits on things you wish to change frequently on your site.

We also have many requests for Wordpress, Square, and Shopify development which we also do. This is usually done for those who want to have access to everything we have created.

Any other coding language (such as Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.) is deferred as we pride ourselves on excellence for our clients. We believe that by dedicating our efforts in one coding language, we can out perform our competitors and prevent ourselves from delivering "half-fulfilled" promises in other languages.

Is it possible to not pay monthly?

This is totally up to you - we highly encourage the monthly fees as this allows us to develop and grow your site as the demand for more user interaction grows.

Monthly fees may also be limited to just hosting, business emails, and domain registration. This excludes any benefits from our continued support, but gives you a standalone website. Monthly payments must be made within 5 days from the start of each month or else risk termination of hosting. annual plans with cards on file is highly recommended.

Are you a Freelancer or a Business?

BluePanda Web Development, LLC is filed in Wyoming and is filed as a Limited Liability Company. We have Art Directors that we consistently contract work out to in Omaha and in Honolulu. We have intern and prominent developers that we have hope to bring on full time. Our content is created from individuals with experience from the Huffington Post and personal blogs writing with successful results.

Do you have more examples other than your Portfolio?

Yes we do - our portfolio has works that are selectively added to demonstrate what we are capable of. We create every website according to standards of our client.

The use of our portfolio should demonstrate what we can do instead of what styles and colors we like to use. All colors and styles are generally left to the business owner to decide unless they specifically ask us to create a website that we think would look great.

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